Can You Play an Instrument?

In October, we made instruments of different shapes and sounds.  Take a look at what we made:

A Drum:

Peanut Can Drum

Peanut Can Drum

We made this drum from empty peanut cans.  We cut and taped paper around the outside of the can and punched holes on either side. Then we threaded some yarn through to hang the can around our necks.  Then we simply put the lid back on and decorated with stickers.  The drum sticks we picked up a the local craft store.





A Tambourine:

Paper Plate Tambourine

Paper Plate Tambourine


We made this tambourine with colorful dessert paper plates.  We punched six holes into the plate. Then we inserted four jingle bells into four of the holes.  We flipped the plate over and threaded a ribbon through the back loops of the jingle bells and tied off the ribbon.  In the other two holes, we tied curling ribbon and we finished by decorated it with music stickers.




A Shaker/Maraca:

Juice Bottle Shaker

Juice Bottle Shaker


We made this shaker with empty juice bottles.  We colored in printed out music notes and taped the paper to the outside of the bottle.  Then we poured couscous into the bottle and screwed the lid back on–we had fun shaking these shakers to the tune of “Shake, Rattle and Roll!”







A Rain Stick:

Rain Sticks

Paper Towel Rain Sticks


We had fun making these Rain Sticks during our color month, but we used them for our music month as well.  Thanks to Enchanted Learning for the directions to this craft.  We found that rice and couscous made the best sound!

Check out our book list for the books that we read this month:

“Barnyard Dance”

“Bring On That Beat”

“Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb”



Next Week:

What bible story teaches us to be thankful?  Come play with us!

**November’s Theme: “Thanksgiving” **


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