This month in March we prepared for Easter.  I found a very kid-friendly English book that tells the story of Easter and connects it to our modern day “Easter Basket!”  It’s great for preschoolers and was a big hit.  It’s called My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter, by Mary Manz Simon.  The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a difficult concept for children to understand, but this little glittery board book did a great job.  And kids can understand the concept of New Life! all around us in the new grass, new baby birds and new flowers popping up everywhere.

As our first craft we planted some Easter grass in leftover containers.  You can see the picture here of how ours turned out!  As our second craft project we made a collage of an Easter tree by tracing our hand and arm for the trunk on some paper and then gluing egg shapes cut out of patterned fabrics.

This Tuesday — March 30th– is the fifth Tuesday and so we will meet for some simple conversation and playtime fun.  If you want to can bring some boiled eggs and I’ll put some Easter egg dye in the kitchen.

Also, you are very welcome to come to our worship service at the Gemeinde Christi on Easter Sunday.  Everyone is welcome!

**April’s Theme: “WEATHER!” **

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