1-2-3 in August

August was pretty intense!  We sent another child off to start the first grade, so that was both exciting and emotional for us.  In honor of the beginning of school (or Kindergarten!), we had a “1-2-3” theme for the month.  We sang some fun counting songs including “1-2-3, God Loves Me” and “10 Bears In the Bed.”

Week 1:

To kick off the start of school we read “How Do Dinosaurs Go To School,” which is a GREAT book about how we should behave (and have fun) when we’re in school. Since our theme was school, we made a super craft out of chalkboard foil and paper: a home-made chalkboard!  See the pictures to believe it!

Week 2:

I did something different by printing pictures of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, cutting them out and laminating them to tell the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”  We had a lot of fun using real chairs and bowls to re-enact the story.  Our craft utilized negative space: we put cut outs of the numbers 1-2-3 on a white piece of paper and used a sponge dipped in different paints to paint around the numbers…the effect after we removed the number stencils was quite impressive!

Week 3:

We pulled out a favorite book by Freymann and Elffers called “Food For Thought,” which has a section on Counting.  We counted all sorts of animals cleverly made out of different fruits and vegetables.

Our craft was also an animal: a snake with numbers that we borrowed from DLTK’s site.

Week 4:

We read a cute “hands on” book called “Five Little Ladybugs,” a shorter version of “Ten Little Ladybugs.” Our craft was quite cute indeed: a paper ladybug with movable wings and googly eyes!

** September’s Theme: “Just for fun!” Come play with us! **

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