November-Fun in the Fall!

This month we finally got around to our Fall theme!  Fall is my favorite time of year with all of the changing colors that nature has to offer.  We read some fall books called Fall Leaves, by Mary Packard and It’s Fall, by Linda Glaser that described fun fall activities and what happens in nature when fall comes around.  The animals gather food for hibernation, the leaves change their color and children are jumping in piles of leaves and starting to bundle up when they go outside!

Here are some of the fall crafts that we made in November:

Week 1: We made our window leaf based on this craft from All Kids It was something fun for even the littlest hands to do: shredding tissue paper is right up their alley!

Week 2: We made some Nutty Squirrels based on this craft at  We added a special feature to ours, though.  We also pre-painted toilet paper rolls and shoved an individual egg carton into the bottom of it.  Then we poured in un-shelled peanuts and topped it with our squirrel’s head.  The tail, we stuck into the lower portion of the toilet paper roll instead of the egg carton head, like on Familyfun.  Then we added some felt arms that held a peanut or acorn.  See how cute it turned out!

Although this squirrel is missing his black pom-pom nose I just realized!  Go to our photos to see all of our little squirrels and how we made them.

The second half of November, we celebrated Thanksgiving as done in the United States.  We read two stories: My Thanksgiving Prayer, by Crystal Bowman showed us some of the things we remember at Thanksgiving…reasons we are thankful.  The Story of Thanksgiving, by Nancy Skarmeas is a wonderful board book for small children that gives a very basic but accurate description of the origin of the first Thanksgiving.

Week 3: For our first Thanksgiving craft, we focused on what we are thankful for in our everyday lives.  We printed out a cornucopia outline on brown construction paper.  Then the kids cut out all sorts of pictures out of old magazines that showed things they were thankful for and glued them onto the cornucopia.

This one was actually done by Kendra, an adult, so that’s why there is coffee on the cornucopia! 🙂

Week 4: We made a fun Turkey Hat in celebration of the centerpiece of the American Thanksgiving…the Turkey!  We don’t have any pictures from this week, but I invite you to go over to see FamilyFun’s Turkey Hat, which is what we used for our craft!

Our last week in November, we kicked off our Christmas season, since here in Germany, the Adventzeit has officially begun!  We’ll be writing a blog post soon with our new pictures and activities during the Christmas season.

**December’s Theme: The Meaning of Christmas–Come play with us!**

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