Kings and Queens!

Well, I’m writing about January’s activities a little late, but better late than never, right?

I hope you had a wonderful start to the new year…speaking of *New* we wanted to do a brand new theme we had never done before and so we decided on “Kings and Queens.”

What kid doesn’t like to dress up at least once in their life as royalty? Even adults still like to do it! 🙂

Week 1:

We read a fun book called The Prince’s Tooth Is Loose and made King and Queen (or Prince and Princess) paper puppets on a stick. The kids took a king or queen cut-out and decorated it with everything from tissue paper to glitter and then glued it on a stick. The directions don’t get much simpler than that, but the kids had a blast playing and pretending with them.

Week 2:

We read the story of King Solomon from the bible. King Solomon is a famously wise king in history and as a fun craft to go with our story, we made crowns out of poster board and covered them in aluminum and jewel stickers.

Week 3:

Our last week we read the story of Sleeping Beauty (according to Walt Disney 🙂 ) and made a neat castle collage from sandpaper. We printed a coloring picture of a simple castle and provided sandpaper cut into different shapes. The kids glued the sandpaper onto the castle picture for the “stone” and then colored in the rest. You will see in the picture, that we also glued a small picture of a little king and queen behind our flap door.

**February’s Theme: House pets and snacks! **

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