April showers bring … EASTER!

Just a quick search on the Internet will bring up a plethora of books and fun crafts for Easter. That’s why we chose to go with this topic again for the month of April. I have to say, it was pretty cute watching all of the kids try to twitch their noses like bunnies in the “Funny Bunny” song this month.

The first book, “Panda’s Easter Basket” was a cute story about a little Panda child who eats ALL of his easter candy in one day and ends up with a terrible stomach ache. I do have to admit though, I didn’t just choose it because of the cute story but also because Panda’s are my very favorite animal and I couldn’t resist buying a book with one. 🙂 We decided to use some candy for a craft this week. We made some cute flowers out of cupcake liners and suckers based on the example by skip to my lou but simplified for our special little ones. First we took one little cupcake paper (or praline paper) and pushed the stick of the sucker through the middle of it so the paper encased the sucker. Next we took four bigger cupcake papers (of various colors) and folded them into fourths. We then stuck the sucker through the point on the ends of each of the folded cupcake papers and finally glued on two paper “leafs” cut out of green paper underneath all of the “petals.” They were really easy and ended up looking really cute. Some of the kids even made a whole bouquet of them.

The second week of April, Joel and I were on vacation so Bri kindly filled in for us. She read the book “My Easter Basket” telling the kids about what the popular Easter symbols really mean and sharing the story of Jesus. She chose a traditional yet always fun craft for this week: coloring eggs! I’m sure a lot of kids were eating egg salad that next week.

The kids had a lot of fun helping Peter Rabbit search for the eggs hidden in the garden by lifting the flaps and pulling the tabs on every spread, in the beautifully illustrated “Peter Rabbit and the Egg Hunt.” Family Fun had the greatest idea for making our very own Easter bunnies. All we had to do was fill lentils into a little sock, just above the heel, We then closed the top with a rubber band and tied a piece of ribbon just below the heel to create a head for our bunny. We then cut ears out of the cuff of the sock above the rubber band, glued on some eyes, a nose and some teeth and finished by placing a pom-pom on his little bunny bum. These little guys were a cute addition to everyones Easter decorations.

Even though Easter had technically already passed us by, we read the book “An Easter Gift For Me” by Crystal Bowman on the last Tuesday of this month. She does such a great job telling the stories of the bible in a fun and child appropriate way. We accompanied this book with a little Easter lamb craft based on the this one from “Crafts for All Seasons.” We traced and cut out the bodies and heads (we magnified the template a little), glued the clothes pins to the back of the body and glued the head onto the body. We tweaked it a little bit for our age group by using cotton balls instead of q-tips on the body but still made the q-tip ears and “bangs.” We added a bell and ribbon around their necks, drew on the face and let them dry for about 10 minutes. The kids thought it was really great that the little lambs were able to stand on their own!

Somehow, May has already creeped up on us and tomorrow is our very first playgroup of the month.
We hope you can join us as we start talking about FAMILIES. If you come join us, you might even get a Mother’s Day gift out of it.

 See you soon!


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