About Us

Dear children and parents,

We offer a playgroup in Dresden for those children and families who would like to improve their English speaking skills, meet English speaking friends, and generally have fun!  This is a group of moms and/or dads with their kids that meet on a weekly basis to make fun crafts, sing, and play together.

We begin each Tuesday at 4 p.m. and meet for about an hour.  The group is sponsored by and meets at the Gemeinde Christi Dresden e.V which is located at Tieckstraße 10, 01099.

The playgroup is organized by us, Joel and Kendra Paris.   We are both American’s by birth but Kendra was raised in Germany and is bilingual.  We don’t have a *human* child of our own, only a furry, four-legged one.  Joel studied youth ministry and Kendra studied Sociology and we are always interested in ways to be involved in the community with families and children.

I hope you can come and have fun with us–we look forward to meeting you!  Please email us or call if you have any questions…


1 Response to About Us

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello –
    We are an American family in Dresden for the summer – we know very little German, but were wondering if we could bring our daughters (ages 4.75 and 16 months) to this playgroup. We were hoping that our kids would also pick some German as well – ? We are here about nine more weeks —
    Thank you so much,

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